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1. Unable to connect server.2020-04-11T15:25:03+08:00

First check your network settings. If you don’t find any problems, restart the game.

If the problem persists, please sent us an Q&A email with the following information.

    • Current country and region
    • Name of your device model
    • Operating system (PC, Mac OS, IOS Version..)
    • Network used (WiFi, 4G..)
2. I forgot my password.2020-07-30T19:46:12+08:00

Click “Verification Code sign in” at the bottom of the password. You can verify your mobile and log in. After login the app, go to the Me tab and change the new password.

3. Can I register a new account with the same mobile phone number?2020-04-11T15:25:24+08:00

It’s impossible. To ensure the fairness of the game and the security of your account, a player can only have one account.

4. How can I upload and change an avatar?2020-04-11T15:25:31+08:00

You can change it from options in the Me – Profile
– Change Avatar

5. Can I play with my friend at the same table?2020-04-11T15:25:38+08:00

Officially playing in the same table is absolutely impossible, including tournaments, and is automatically restricted by our system.

6. How can I check new events?2020-07-30T19:46:39+08:00

You can check it through a client events page.

7. Bona Poker Currencies Guide.2020-07-30T19:49:14+08:00

gem Players can buy ‘Gems’ in Cashier Tab to enjoy Bona Poker.
Gem can be exchanged to the other currencies such as Golds, Corns and Points.

Players use Golds and Corns while playing the Ring Game.

gem Players also can get Golds from Freeroll tournaments and can be earned in exchange for Gems.

gem Players can get Free Corns once everyday if there are less than 20,000, and also can get them from Freeroll tournaments. Players can buy Corns in the store using Gems.

gem POP is a concept of Rakeback that can be obtained in general ring games.
POP can only be obtained when playing in the Corn table only, and you can get more POP when you play in a higher CORN blind table.

gem You can chat, and sometimes, you can throw the items to the other players using Points. Using the points to throw the items are very interesting. Players can buy the Points in the Store.

8. Which currency can I use in the Table?2020-07-30T16:12:20+08:00

Bona Poker players can enjoy the game with two currencies – Gold and Corn.

table corntable gold

CORN is given every day for free in the Store and can be obtained through various events.

POP can only be obtained from CORN tables.

GOLD is a currency of Bona Poker that is allowed to play Ring Games with the world’s lowest rake.
Players are also able to get through various events.

You can join the game with these two currencies – Gold and Corn.
We respect your choices. Play wherever you want.

The World’s Lowest rake game in Gold table, Free to play game in Corn table
Everything you want is in Bona Poker

9. Goods Out Information2020-07-30T19:44:42+08:00

Our slogan is “Play To Get”.
You will be able to receive various prizes. You just need to enjoy Bona Poker.

Pop is allowed to purchase the goods.
By collecting Pops, you will be able to purchase the goods you want at our Bona Store.

In order to earn Pop, you need to play in the Corn table. You can get more Pop when you play in a higher Corn blind. You will be able to get many corns at various events every day.

At Bona Poker, you can play for free and win a variety of prizes.

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