Race for iPhone12

Oct. 14th ~ 20th. 2020


Rank Prize
1st iPhone 12
2nd 100M Corn
3rd 75M Corn
4th 56M Corn
5th 42M Corn
6th 32M Corn
7th 24M Corn
8th 18M Corn
9th 14M Corn
10th 11M Corn
11th 8.3M Corn
12th 6.2M Corn
13th 4.7M Corn
14th 3.5M Corn
15th 2.6M Corn
16th 2.0M Corn
17th 1.5M Corn
18th 1.1M Corn
19th 800K Corn
20th 600K Corn

Bonapoker has launched a time table.

TBT is a table that automatically ends after a period.

It’s got exciting functions you’ve never experienced before

The new features are as follows.

1. Scoreboard

You can see who’s losing or getting how much on the scoreboard 

You can see who is watching the table

2. Result Tab

You can see a list of TBT games that you played.

You can check all hand history at the table and check the date and profit and loss

Duplicate ID accounts may void product payments.